Frank Dunn RV Sales has been a staple in the Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, area business community since 1977 as the company has expanded to include Frank Dunn Toyota, Northern Hitches and Welding and Saskatoon RV.

As reported by paNOW, with the growth and success, renovations were inevitable. They have moved to five different locations throughout Prince Albert over the years and now they are marking another grand reopening May 7-12.

Owner Frank Dunn, Jr., said, “My Dad was the mayor of the city until he died in 1975. In 1977, I got a call from my mom to come back. So, I made a career change. I was an Olympic diver and decided to set it aside. I moved back from Calgary and took over the business.

“Retail is a very dynamic business and like all professions, it requires you to develop a skill and the interaction with clients and staff, is probably what I love the most. I’ve been camping at Murray Point since I was 16 years old and maybe only missed four years altogether. I was always the first one there and the last to leave. I love camping and I love Saskatchewan summers.”

Over the years, the Frank Dunn businesses have won numerous awards including Toyota’s Dealer Quality Award – more times than any other Toyota dealer, Consumer Association of Canada Business Appreciation Award, Fleetwood Circle of Excellence and the PA Chamber of Commerce Legacy Award.

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