Businesses that survive the ups and downs of the economy are the businesses that take action. The Stone family, after operating a couple of General Motors dealerships, set full sail in 1971 with Fred’s RV World, in Sandy, Ore., and since then has been riding the economic waves.

During the current downturn, the family decided downsizing was in order, so it has discontinued the sale of the larger, new RVs and moved the rest of the business to smaller quarters in downtown Sandy, according to Sandy Post.

The Stone twins, the family’s third generation in the business, will take over full management of the business – with oversight and assistance as needed from the other two generations, their grandmother, Dolores McNally, and their father, Cory Stone.

In its new facility – the former Carlson Suburban and Certified Auto building – Fred’s RV Auto Marine will sell used RVs, a huge variety of new parts and accessories and service most vehicles that travel on land or water, according to Michael Stone, service manager.

The most visible change in the business is its diversification. Fred’s not only will service and repair RVs and provide parts and accessories, but its mechanics will work on automobiles and marine craft. They’ll also sell used RVs as well as used vehicles on consignment.

The diversification, according to Michael and his grandmother, will help make the business stronger during seasonal variations.

Michael supervises the work of six mechanics, each with unique skills so proper maintenance can be performed on all types of vehicles, including boats and other marine craft.