Freedom Resorts logoFreedom Resorts, a new campground membership firm offering consumers a 25% discount to camp at affiliated campgrounds, RV parks, condos, cabins, hotels, adventure sports/lodging and general resorts worldwide, launched in March as a mid-priced alternative to the half-dozen-or-so discounters already on the market.

While other camping discount programs offer 10% to 50% discounts, President Russell Gunter said he discovered locations were looking for something in between, so Freedom’s 25% off program fills that need.

”Our numbers are steadily climbing and we are hoping to continue some good progression,” explained Gunter.

Freedom Resorts helps its affiliates draw more business without any up-front, out-of-pocket advertising expenses. “We offer our affiliates free marketing and advertising, and in return they offer a 25% discount savings to Freedom Resorts cardholders/members, making it more affordable for Freedom Resorts cardholders to discover and enjoy their world,” Gunter explained. “This savings entices our cardholders to venture out, vacation more and stay longer at participating resorts.

”In addition to discounts at 250 RV parks, we wanted to expand our program by adding vacation packages and offering discounts to resorts,” he added. “RVers do not want to stay in the RV all the time. Sometimes they want to stay in a hotel or at a resort. In addition to park discounts, we are working with hotel chains and resorts now worldwide.”

Freedom Resorts has also added outdoor adventures to its program, such as horseback riding, white water rafting, skiing, hunting, fishing and kayaking.

Every affiliate that signs up receives two free memberships, and each affiliate has the option of selling memberships themselves so they can act as a representative for Freedom Resorts. Affiliates may offer the 25% discount year-round or at certain times of the year, making the Freedom Resorts program flexible. “They can set blackout dates if they choose,” Gunter said.

On the company’s website there is a travel option allowing members to map out their trip. “By visiting our website, members can see what affiliates are listed and map out their travel,” Gunter explained. “Our website is continuously updated, so we encourage people to keep checking for new listings.”