Freedom Resorts Inc., a new discount camping outfit offering its cardholders 25% off regular camping prices at member-campgrounds, currently is signing up affiliates and will launch its first directory in November. 

“We are going to be able to market 100,000 potential members with agreements with other discount cards that we are working with,” reports Russell Gunter, Freedom Resorts president. “We are slowly gaining on 100 affiliates (campgrounds/resorts), and we are doing some swapping and sharing with other discount companies.” 

The company’s goal the first year is to have 700 campground members. 

Having launched in March, Freedom Resorts will start selling discount cards for $19.95 annually after the directory is published. 

Unused campground sites are to be made available to Freedom Resorts card holders on a space-available basis at no cost to the participating parks, while Freedom Resorts covers the cost of national advertising and marketing. 

“Our program makes it easy to earn revenue on a campsite that would otherwise be unoccupied during the time of year that is best for you,” the brochure said. 

Affiliates will be listed for free in a Freedom Resorts directory that will be distributed at major RV shows and rallies, along with brochures that individual campgrounds provide. 

“We are putting all of this into one big package,” Gunter said. 

Parks will not be rated, he said. “We’ve found in the past that that causes some problems,” he said. “Not that ratings are good or bad, it’s just that they tend to be subjective, depending on who is doing the rating. What differentiates between a five-star or four-star campground?”