Chicago area-based FreedomRoads today (Jan. 6) announced it would donate $100 dollars to global relief organization World Vision for each recreational vehicle the company sells in January.
FreedomRoads is guaranteeing a minimum donation of $200,000, earmarked for victims in the tsunami tragedy.
According to FreedomRoads, the national RV dealership network sells more than 35,000 RVs annually. The company will also offer FreedomRoads customers an opportunity to donate funds to World Vision through its dealerships, potentially increasing the level of donation.
FreedomRoads will kick off the program immediately in each of its 51 RV dealerships across the United States.
“As a result of the enormous destruction and suffering that resulted from the tsunami in Asia, our employees were jolted into a higher awareness that as a company we had the power and obligation to help people in need. They wanted our company to act,” said FreedomRoads Chairman, CEO and Co-founder Marcus Lemonis. “We all decided that we wanted our efforts to be companywide and to focus on children facing both acute emergency situations as well as chronic conditions brought on by poverty such as disease and lack of educational opportunities.
“We selected World Vision because it is an exceptionally effective relief organization which will efficiently put our charitable dollars to the highest and best use in the areas of greatest need.”
“We are very pleased to have FreedomRoads as a corporate partner,” said World Vision President Richard Stearns. “Their involvement with World Vision will make a tangible impact in people’s lives. As an example of what can be done with this donation, $200,000 can provide family Survival Kits (containing blankets, tarp for temporary shelter, cooking supplies and water purification tablets) for 2,000 families affected by the Asian tsunami. For families who have lost everything, this is literally a life-saving gift. We are thankful for corporate citizens like FreedomRoads.”