Online reservations software provider Friend Communications Inc. has partnered with wireless Internet services provider PAUnet “to provide a total solution for RV parks that wish to gain access to high-speed, wireless Internet services,” according to a statement by the companies.
The partnership “enables a park’s front office to effectively utilize Friend’s online reservation software to provide the speed and convenience of real-time campsite reservations for RV travelers,” the statement said.
“It also brings a wide assortment of value-added online services to park and campground owners,” said Gary Pace, president of Friend Communications. “These include fully integrated, automated, front-office tools that streamline the workload for park managers.
“It enables those parks to build a flexible, high-profile web presence and develop comprehensive online sales and marketing tools” Pace said.
PAUnet is a two-way, satellite-based, wireless Internet services provider that is able to provide high-speed Internet access to RV parks that may not have had such access because of their geographic locations.
“We’re able to provide parks with an access backbone through our two-way satellite services,” said David Morgan, chairman and CEO of PAUnet. “With that commercial grade, high-speed service in place, park owners can then take advantage of Friend’s complete tool kit of services and links. This brings a whole new generation of business applications to those parks.”
Pace added that “as we eliminate the access obstacles that many park owners and operators face, they begin to see the advantages of distributing awareness via the Internet. They begin thinking about other services and other advantages that can help them run their businesses more efficiently and profitably.”