Through social media, Ford’s RV Refrigeration Training Center (FRVRTC) has been experiencing a swift growing interest in RV refrigeration recycling, the company reported in a press release.

The latest contact has been a request through LinkedIn from Joe Moravek, director of HVACR training at an international school that provides education to heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians around the world.

When Moravek contacted Roger Ford, owner of FRVRTC, he stated that RV refrigeration needs to be added to their educational training materials since it is such a specialized topic. He asked Ford to write one or more chapters about comprehensive RV refrigeration repair to be included in their digital HVACR educational book to be released later this year.

“This is such an honor and a huge opportunity to expedite this innovative RV refrigeration training,” said Ford. “This is a milestone for FRVRTC, as well as for technicians and RV owners globally. What  a great means to celebrate our first year anniversary as a licensed RV refrigeration school.”

Using social media and this new educational avenue, the Ford’s primary focus is to see that RV refrigeration recycling expands throughout the world before their second anniversary.

People can discover the benefits of RV refrigeration recycling at www.rvrefrigeration.com.