Florida’s new restrictions on legislative lobbying have put an end to the Florida RV Trade Association’s (FRVTA) annual barbecue for members of the Florida General Assembly.
“It takes us out of the barbecue business,” said Lance Wilson, FRVTA executive director. “We’re not sure how it’s going to work out, but it’s sure changed the way lobbying is done in Florida.”
The new law prohibits companies or organizations from buying anything for legislators. Gov. Jeb Bush signed the law that went into effect Jan. 1 right before Christmas.
“We weren’t really in the lobbying business,” Wilson said. “It was a ‘thank you’ for the job they did.”
The new law even affected the FRVTA’s Legislator of the Year Award that was to have been presented to Rep. Stan Jordan.
“We wanted to give him a little trophy,” Wilson said. “We had to deliver it prior to Jan. 1 because after that he wouldn’t have been able to accept it.”