For many, the way to Pasadena, Calif., to see Florida State take on Auburn in the BCS National Championship is dotted with long waits in airport terminals while reading magazines and eating overpriced food. But for eight Florida State students, the trip to Pasadena will be an epic five-day journey.

The Tallahasee Democrat reported that on Wednesday (Jan. 1), seven Florida State Theta Chi fraternity brothers set off from their house on Heritage Grove Circle across from the Publix on Ocala Drive in a rented RV. Over the next five days, they’ll be stopping in Dallas to pick up another fraternity brother, followed by stops at the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Joshua Tree National Park and Los Angeles. The entire trip will be around 2,700 miles.

The brothers decided that for the same price as flying, they could make the trip itself something to look forward to.

“The two options were either to fly out there or do the RV. Flights we saw ranged up to $550, $600,” said FSU marketing and professional selling major Jeff Albaneze, 22. “When it comes down to what we’re paying in rental and gas, it’ll be about that.”

The eight friends will spend a night out on the town in Las Vegas and will camp in Joshua Tree.

“We tried to pick some spots that we wanted to go to anyways, that’s why all our stops are exciting places to be,” said Albaneze, who will be joined by fellow Theta Chi’s Michael Austin, 22, Itai Raz, 21, and Andrew Kampel, 22, and four other students.

When they arrive in Pasadena on Sunday night, they’ll be heading out on the town with other friends, but on Monday morning, their RV will be the unofficial site of the Florida State student tailgate.

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