Protonex Technology Corp. is backtracking on plans to make its hydrogen fuel cell systems available to the recreational vehicle market, according to the Worchester (Mass.) Business Journal.

The company had intended to introduce the M250-B fuel cell to RVs this year, but said it needs time to make the technology “more economically attractive” to that market. In the meantime, the Southborough, Mass.-based company will focus more of its business development resources on the military version of the product.

The company said it is seeing a substantial increase in funding opportunities from the U.S. military, its core customer.

Also, the weak economy has severely impacted the RV market and the company’s current development schedule would’ve resulted in a mid-summer launch of the M250-B. Mid-summer is traditionally a slow time for RV sales.

The RV market and the economy as a whole have more potential to improve in 2010 than this year, the company said. By then, the M250-B will cost less to produce, the company said.