What a difference two months makes.
The summer driving season begins this weekend and the price of gasoline and diesel fuel now are significantly below the record levels set two months ago, at the beginning of the war in Iraq, according to the AAA.
As of Friday (May 16), self-serve regular unleaded gasoline cost a national average of $1.503 a gallon, compared with $1.583 a month earlier and an all-time record, not adjusted for inflation, of $1.772 set March 18, according to www.fuelgaugereport.com, a service of the AAA.
Meanwhile, the national average price for diesel fuel as of Friday was $1.542 a gallon, compared with $1.646 a month ago and the all-time record of $1.829 set March 14.
In California, the average price for self-serve unleaded regular gas was $1.869 a gallon as of Friday, and $1.735 for diesel. A month earlier, regular unleaded cost an average of $2.098 and diesel cost $1.890 a gallon.
However, prices still are higher than they were a year ago. Nationally, the average price for gas was $1.398 and diesel was $1.373 a gallon a year ago. In California, gas cost an average of $1.618 and diesel cost $1.569 a gallon a year ago.
The AAA’s figures are based upon credit card swipes at 60,000 self-serve gas stations across the U.S.