The Escapees, one of the nation’s largest RV clubs, plans to seek legislation clarifying the voting rights of full-time RVers following a series of court battles in Texas, said Cathie Carr, CEO of The Escapees.

The issue came to head in September when Democrats persuaded Polk County (Texas) Registrar Marion A. “Bud” Smith to mail letters to RV club members asking them to prove they lived in Polk County.

Some 9,000 Escapees members receive their mail at a Livingston RV park operated by the Escapees, and a majority of them are registered Republicans.

The notices touched off a series of court battles at the state and federal levels in Texas. The controversy has taken on significant political overtones, too, with Texas State Attorney General John Cornyn, a Republican, joining the battle on the side of the Escapees.

While the Escapees were cleared to participate in the Nov. 7 election, the furor has drawn public attention to the voting rights of full-time RVers and prompted the Escapees, which represents more than 30,000 RVers nationwide, to seek legislative action.

“The position that Escapees is taking is that this has to be settled nationwide,” said Kay Peterson, vice president of The Escapees. “We have to have this cut and dry, not just in Texas, but where do people who live in their RVs vote?

Meanwhile, Democrats in Polk County are threatening to challenge the results of the election, which could shift the balance of power in the Texas Senate.