Furrion CHILL air conditioner

Furrion has launched the CHILL air conditioning series, offering RVers uniform cooling performance combined with high-energy efficiency. The series is comprised of a lightweight rooftop air conditioning unit, a slim air distribution box and an intelligent thermostat capable of controlling multizones throughout the RV.

“RV travel peaks during the summer and the launch of our new Furrion CHILL line is perfectly timed to ensure everyone stays cool despite the heat,” said Matt Fidler, co-founder and chief marketing officer for Furrion, in a press release. “We designed and tested the system repeatedly until we were certain it was the best solution on the market. In testing, the Furrion CHILL cools down faster, is quieter than competitor models and its sleek aerodynamic design differentiates the unit from the larger, older and more standard rooftop boxes you see on the road today.”

The lightweight Furrion CHILL rooftop units come in 13,500, 14,500 and 15,500 Btu capacity models, all available in contemporary black or white finishes. The Furrion CHILL utilizes dual fans to operate more efficiently, cool down the RV faster and reduce ambient noise so you barely know it is on. The air filters are easily accessible for cleaning and replacement. The units are designed to fit both ducted and non-ducted cooling systems, and offer easy installation and the ability to upgrade existing standard A/C systems to a Furrion CHILL system.

The aerodynamic design features a durable UV coating to protect it from fading and base/rear grills to more effectively expel hot air. Like the majority of Furrion products designed for recreation, the Furrion CHILL features Vibrationsmart technology that allows it to withstand the vibrations from a traveling RV.

The Furrion CHILL pairs with either a single-zone or multizone Furrion CHILL thermostat. Both offer sleek, compact designs with intuitive touch displays. The digital LCD display features a blue backlight, rather than the traditional white, because blue is easier to read at night and offer temperature control for the A/C and also control the fan for air circulation. Advanced features include auto fan operation, auto restart and sleep mode allowing customers to tailor the cooling output to their individual needs. The multizone Furrion CHILL gives consumers the freedom to operate the thermostat with two programmable timers and can control up to four zones.

The Furrion CHILL system is completed with the air distribution box. Ultra-thin, these easily mounted boxes have a sleek design that blends into the ceiling and can also be ordered with stylish LED lighting. They are available in white or black and are compatible with the either the single zone or multizone Furrion CHILL thermostat.

The distribution box also offers adjustable, two-way airflow for greater circulation efficiency and is compatible with both ducted and non-ducted systems. The detachable filter is easy to clean and can be reused to reduce waste.