Furrion, a supplier of consumer electronics, appliances and energy solutions for recreational vehicles, unveiled its new 9L Gas Water Heater, According to a press release, the new gas water heater saves consumers a considerable amount of energy and money versus that of a conventional water tank and eliminates the fear of a cold shower because the hot water ran out.

“Our new gas water heater brings an increased level of efficiency and peace of mind to travelers,” said Matt Fidler, co-founder and chief marketing officer for Furrion. “There is nothing worse than being on a trip and someone gets a cold shower. Now with hot water on demand, as long as there is water left in the reservoir you can be assured of a hot shower, just like at home. We always strive to bring innovation to the market that makes life easier and is smarter at the same time. By swapping out a conventional water heater with our new 9L gas water heater customers will reduce their energy consumption and cost which is a good thing for them and the environment.”

The Furrion 9L Gas Water Heater heats nine liters of water per minute and offers RVers on-demand hot water with a consistent water temperature can be set and controlled via the thermostat. Unlike standard water heaters that heat in 15-degree increments, Furrion’s 9L gas water heater gives consumers the flexibility to adjust the temperature in five-degree increments while the water temperature can be set as high as 124 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermostat displays the water temperature, the time, and pressure level, complete with a pressure alarm that alerts RVers when the pressure is low.

The gas water heater has been engineered with advanced safety features including a pressure relief valve, over temperature protection, blower block protection and an automatic shutoff if a problem presents itself. Advanced engineering creates a vortex pattern inside the water mixing chamber to eliminate high temperature fluctuations to drastically reduce the risk of hot water scolding when multiple water outlets are in use.

The Furrion 9L Gas Water Heater was designed to fit where the current six-gallon conventional water heater sits in most RVs. This allows consumers to upgrade to a more efficient and dependable system with minimal hassle and with no additional retrofitting. It features an easy access drain that quickly drains the water from the heat exchanger for prolonged winter storage of their RV.