Furrion announced the introduction of its new virtual concierge with artificial intelligence, Angel, being launched during the Jan. 8-11 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) in Nevada. According to a press release, Angel is designed to simplify control of living spaces, whether in the home or a recreation vehicle.

“It is incredible to see our vision, Angel, be a reality here at CES,” said Matt Fidler, co-founder and chief marketing officer for Furrion. “Furrion has long pushed the boundaries of innovation and we are proud to give consumers an always-present assistant that keeps their data secure while helping them enjoy their journey.  We know that sometimes the best adventures require getting off the grid, which is why Angel was created to always be there to assist regardless of their Internet connection.” 

Powered by artificial intelligence, Angel uses facial recognition to learn personal preferences to customize experiences. Learning preferences helps Angel suggest things you may like, whether a new activity at a destination, a new restaurant or perhaps a new outfit as Angel learns sizes and recommends outfits from a favorite retailer. If a strong connection is not available, Angel can operate on its closed network or online.

Angel is a digital service built with technology that enhances comfort, builds connectivity and enriches lifestyles. Angel also delivers navigation help that goes beyond turn-by-turn commands, assisting with proactively giving directions, recommending points of interest, providing the best travel routes and suggesting things you may like along the route based on your preferences. 

In addition to being a virtual concierge, Angel can control the majority of electronics in an environment, including lights, blinds, media and climate. It learns your habits and makes suggestions to the program.

At CES, Angel has been integrated into the yacht Adonis, which shows how seamlessly it  integrates to control the advance technology that is part of a mobile lifestyle. Through a built-in voice module smart speaker located throughout the yacht, just speak “Hi Angel” and then give commands.

Adonis will also feature Furrion Smart Mirrors with an interactive display found in the master cabin and throughout the yacht. Simply touch the mirror or ask Angel to display something on it to wake it up. Smart Mirror functions like a large tablet or touch screen allowing users to view updates such as weather, schedules, news and social media or watch television or other media. 

Smart Mirror, like Angel, works in the offline mode as well. Information is pulled and stored from the Internet so that functionality is not interrupted.

Furrion is displaying product in Booth No. 7914 in the North Hall of the LVCC.