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Furrion, a supplier of consumer electronics, appliances and energy solutions for recreational vehicles, residential, yachts and hotels, unveiled a new showroom today at its Innovation Center and Institute of Technology (ICIT).

The new luxury showroom showcases Furrion’s latest products for mobile and sustainable living, the home, and for business. Over the next two weeks Furrion will be hosting RV and marine manufacturers for exclusive previews of the new showroom and latest product innovations.

“As we celebrate one year at the ICIT, a facility representing our vision and drive for future perfect design and innovation, it was a natural fit to invite customers for a preview of these exciting new products,” said Matt Fidler, co-founder and chief marketing officer for Furrion, in a press release. “This event showcases numerous aspects of RV travel with a range of new products engineered for superior performance and designed with Furrion’s exclusive aesthetic. We want to make mobile lifestyles high-tech, sophisticated, sustainable and comfortable for consumers. We are very excited to have this new showroom highlighting these products at the ICIT.” 

During the next two weeks Furrion customers will have the opportunity to experience new and innovative products including Furrion Chill; a range of powerful rooftop air-conditioning units with ultraquiet technology, Furrion Access; an omni-directional rooftop antenna with 4G LTE data and GPS tracking, Vision S vehicle observation and security systems, dynamic multizone entertainment systems that give the customer more freedom to control and enjoy their content. For the kitchen, Furrion will showcase a wide range of new refrigerators and cooking appliances that will redefine gourmet cooking on the move. Additionally, the Furrion Professional line of refrigerators and microwaves will be announced, along with Furrion’s wider range of new product innovations. Availability will commence July 2018.

As the U.S. headquarters, the ICIT will now feature two luxurious showrooms and Furrion’s latest concepts vehicles. Limitless, a customized fifth-wheel, and Hercules, a futuristic semi-truck, join Elysium, a motorhome complete with a hot tub and helicopter on top. All three vehicles showcase Furrion products, the latest technology and combine connected living solutions with sophisticated design for a luxury mobile lifestyle experience.

The showroom will be open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by appointment only. Contact Chase Healey ([email protected]), director of speciality vehicle sales, to schedule an appointment.

More information about the ICIT and Furrion’s products available at www.furrion.com