screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-9-23-59-amCheck out the supplier exhibits at key RV and marine shows this winter and you’ll likely run across a display manned by representatives of FUSION Entertainment, an Auckland, New Zealand-based firm specializing in audio systems, speakers, amplifiers and the like that has been showcasing a new RV-IN801 Infotainment System designed for in-dash installation.

“We’ve been around for over 10 years in the marine industry,” Jay Sanders, a manufacturer’s rep whose firm handles FUSION’s marine and RV distribution out of Phoenix, explained during RVIA’s 54th Annual National RV Trade Show. “That’s kind of our roots, and we took our knowledge from that industry and took the things that we thought would work in this industry, and this is a culmination of a lot of discussions with OEMs on what product they would like to see in the dash of their vehicles.”

The IN801, a space-age device engineered by FUSION, a wholly owned subsidiary of Garmin Ltd., Olathe, Kan., integrates a wide array of functions from audio and video media to navigation, phones and onboard apps.

“So if I go to audio, I can pull in music from my phone or any other device through Bluetooth,” said Sanders, who was manning FUSION’S South Wing display with colleague Todd Crocker. “I have USB functionality, for which I just plug in a USB stick with all my music and listen that way. It also has radio including AM, FM and, of course, Sirius. If I go to the video portion of it I can actually, via the USB or scan disk, bring in a movie so I can go full screen on that and advance track, reverse track, etc.

“Also, because we’re owned by Garmin, we have a GPS engine in this as well,” added Sanders. “So this also gives you the functionality of being able to program routes based on the size of the vehicle. We have a mapping system that allows the user to customize it to the vehicle that they’re driving so they stay off roads that could get them in trouble. And while you can load in your phone book and all that, we also have a desktop where you keep all your icons for other things that you want to do like assembling a photo gallery with remote functionality. We also have a backup camera right now that attaches to the license plate.”