Fuzion 420 fifth-wheel toy hauler

Fuzion 420 fifth-wheel toy hauler

Keystone RV Co. has introduced the Fuzion 420 fifth-wheel toy hauler, featuring two patio decks for a combined outdoor living area of over 160 square feet.

The company reported in a press release that the rear- and side-mounted decks include patio awning, LED lighting and adjustable aluminum entry steps. In addition, the Fuzion 420 is the first toy hauler in the industry to incorporate the FastTrack2 patio system by MOR/ryde, which virtually eliminates pins as part of the set-up process and makes short work of setting up the patio.

“Patio decks are an increasingly important selling feature for our toy hauler customers,” says Fuzion Product Manager Tim Markel, “Today, well over 95% of our customers order their Fuzion with the patio option. Adding a second deck on the door side creates a prime entertainment or relaxing area that can easily be accessed through the sliding glass patio door in the coach or by way of the aluminum steps leading to the ground. Campers love sitting on the deck and watching TV, visiting with friends, or utilizing the deck as an enclosed play area for the kids or family dog.”

Both the rear deck and the side deck on the Fuzion 420 feature the new FastTrack2 patio system by MOR/ryde. A Fuzion exclusive, FastTrack2 allows each rail to smoothly slide and then snap in place without pins. Also, there are no rails to lift as both the side and end rails are permanently mounted to the garage wall and simply swing into position. Setting up the Fuzion patio requires minimum effort and can be accomplished in seconds rather than minutes.

Adds Markel, “With extra value features like FastTrack2, the MOR/ryde suspension and pin-box system, new exterior full-paint options and our Fuzion Chrome edition, we are differentiating Fuzion from other brands in the marketplace. Fuzion market share is up 22% in April according to Statistical Surveys Inc. Clearly, our dealers have embraced the Fuzion concept and have propelled our sales.”