With the launch of customized showers last fall, G3 Solutions Inc. has extended its product approach to include smaller or more compact showers that will upgrade the design and aesthetics, mirroring popular trends in residential styles.

Jena Eakle, director of sales at G3, noted in a press release, “Since our introduction of the higher-end walk-in showers, we’re especially pleased to hear directly from both dealers and their retail customers desiring this new look.”

G3 will have a variety of styles and designs rolled out as many OEM’s will be introducing new custom shower wall designs, now through September’s Elkhart Open House.

“Showers have gone from being an afterthought to a focal point in residential design, “offered Brian Clemens, Forest River Dynamax general manager. “As RVs have trended more residential, showers are a big element that has lagged behind. While we have looked at previous printed designs, buyers tended to look at them as cheap imitation. G3’s echocoat, the routed grout lines, modern look and light weight design made this shower meet a need we didn’t even know we had. Once we saw it installed, there was no way we would go back to boring beige.”