New Dyson cordless vaccuum

New Dyson cordless vaccuum

G3 Solutions Inc., a distributor of Dyson products to the RV and other industries, announced the introduction a sixth generation cordless vacuum that will “put the most powerful cordless on-board.”

Currently available in over 40 high-end models, a key emphasis will be placed on hygiene and increased power. The new longer lasting batteries will dovetail with claims that the cordless from Dyson will be more powerful than other leading “plug-in” upright vacuums.

“Our focus remains on premium quality and delivering the very latest and the very best in technology”, said G3 Solutions Vice President Kathy Malcom. “As we’re held to strict codes in other marketplaces such as, hospitality, education, food and healthcare, so too do we want our RV customers to offer a superior product.  We’ve had tremendous support in the RV OEM’s migration towards a better, more modern solution. These customers (OEM) have in turn helped to popularize cordless and make Dyson the preferred choice.

“Now, we’re seeing knowledgeable and informed dealers, along with end-customers, specifically demanding the Dyson cordless on their factory coaches.”