Some may say that good fortune doesn’t strike the same place twice. For Tom Raper RV’s in Fairfield, Ohio, this is not the case. From Feb. 19 through March 1, the dealership hosted yet another successful RV disposal sales event which brought more than 320 interested RV buyers through the dealership’s doors in only eight days, according to a news release from G&A Marketing which assisted the RV dealer in the event. 

This event, which was slightly longer than the dealership’s first asset disposal event, helped the dealership to successfully sell 54 new, used and old aged units; 25% of which were motorhomes. 

The recent sale was once again facilitated by G&A Marketing, a promotional sales and marketing agency based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since first working with G&A in January of this year, Tom Raper’s Fairfield location has hosted more than 640 interested buyers during the advertised events, resulting in the sale of over 80 units in a combined total of 11 days. 

“We are ecstatic about these results,” said Pat Gunning, president of G&A Marketing, “This sale was 48% better than the first event which took place between Christmas and New Year’s. It is always our goal to help our dealers improve upon previous events, and we are happy that we were able to help Tom Raper achieve this.” 

The market exclusive program offered by G&A is continuing to gain in popularity among RV dealers for a number of reasons. As Gunning points out, the traffic being generated for RV dealers as a result of staffed events offer a number of both short-term and long-term benefits. While the influx of customers creates a show floor buying frenzy and increased profitability during the sale, the dealership is also presented with a number of follow-up opportunities which help to clean out old age inventory, boost the morale of the sales force and continue the momentum that was initially created by the event. 

“Our events are about more than just a shock to the market. It’s about helping our dealers create a strategy for prolonged success,” said Gunning. 

G&A Marketing is a promotional sales and marketing agency that recently resumed providing support to help RV dealerships market and sell old inventory.