For anyone with an interest in camping but who isn’t sure where to begin, Georgia State Parks’ First-Time Camper Program makes it easy. For $50, guests can camp for up to two nights at one of 13 Georgia State Parks campgrounds with all the necessities provided: a tent, sleeping pads, chairs, a stove, fuel and lanterns.

Nooga.com reported that the program is a budget-friendly way for newbies to experience all that camping has to offer: campfires and s’mores, giggling in the dark, waking up to the chorus of birds, and slowing down to enjoy simple times with family and friends in the great outdoors.

“So many people are curious about camping, but they don’t want to invest in the equipment without trying it out first,” Georgia State Parks public affairs coordinator Kim Hatcher said.
“This is a great way for families or single parents who might have reservations about camping—or who don’t want to purchase all the equipment without trying it first—to give it a try.”

Anyone who has never camped in a state park in Georgia may participate in the First-Time Camper Program. The fee provides the camping site and camping gear, which was donated by REI, The North Face and Coleman.

Upon arrival to the campground, campers are paired with a park staffer or campground host volunteer for help with setting up the tent and basic camping instructions.

“The only thing we do not provide is sleeping bags,” Hatcher said. “Guests can either bring their own sleeping bags or simply bring sheets and blankets from home.”

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