After laying out plans to liquidate inventory and shut down his chain of California dealerships in June, Dan Gamel said he has sold $35 million in RVs and now will be keeping several of the outlets open.
The founder of Dan Gamel RV Inc. told RVBusiness Thursday (Oct. 9) that he will keep stores open in Anderson, Fresno, Modesto and Rocklin while closing outlets in Chico, Santa Rosa, Bakersfield, Yuma, Ariz., and his Camp America location in Fresno.
“We’re very proud of the fact that we found ourselves in the same situation as other dealers and did something about it,” Gamel said. “We were overburdened with inventory and burning through cash, so we came up with a plan.
“I made the decision to liquidate inventory and sell off the real estate. I’d rather do that than have the bank do it for me. We were able to sell $35 million in RVs and my bank is pleased.”
Gamel also told RVBusiness that the landscape of the RV retail sector “has changed forever.”
“The days of opening these mega-sized dealerships and holding millions in inventory is over,” he said.
In 2005, Gamel sold the dealership to employees but reacquired the struggling company late last year.
In June, Gamel issued a press release stating that after taking over the firm in January he quickly implemented many programs designed to improve performance and reported the dealership “enjoyed increased sales during the first quarter of 2008.”
Gamel attributed the increased volume to aggressive value pricing and a “proprietary sales system” known as Project 4, which “computerizes the entire selling process.”