The retail price of gasoline declined a little more than one cent per gallon nationwide last week, according to the Associated Press.

The average price of gasoline was $1.60 a gallon on Friday (Nov. 3), down 1.3 cents from two weeks earlier, the AP quoted the Lundberg Survey as reporting.

Lundberg surveyed 10,000 gas stations nationwide to come up with the average.

At self-serve pumps, the national average price for regular unleaded on Friday was $1.55 a gallon, $1.65 a gallon for mid-grade and $1.74 a gallon for premium gas.

At full-service pumps, the average price was $1.89 a gallon for regular unleaded, $1.98 a gallon for mid-grade and $2.05 a gallon for premium.

Retail prices of gas declined because refiners were passing the lower price of crude oil on to dealers, who passed the savings on to consumers, according to the Lundberg Survey.