The recent sharp rise in gas and diesel fuel prices have not hurt RV sales in Central Florida, according to the Ocala (Fla.) Star-Banner.
The average price for regular, unleaded gas was $1.45 a gallon in Florida on Tuesday (April 9), up from $1.17 a gallon in March, according to the Florida American Automobile Association (AAA).
Despite the price rise, sales were strong during a recent retail show in Ocala, according to David Williams, general manager of Tri-Am RV in Ocala, who was interviewed by the Star-Banner.
Typically, dealers sell around 18 units at the Ocala spring show, but this year, they sold 27 units, Williams said. “We had a lot of young families (attending the show) who are considering traveling by RV.”
Dealers in the Ocala area are running out of certain popular models and Tri-Am may have set a sales record during the first quarter of this year, he continued.
“People are still choosing to travel,” Williams added. “They just may not fly and we are benefiting from that even with high gas prices.”