Gasoline prices have remained steady, even declining marginally in some markets, despite the talk of war against Iraq, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA) affiliates in Texas and Southern California.
In the Los Angeles/Long Beach market, for example, the average price for regular unleaded gas declined two cents a gallon from last week to an average of $1.596 today (Sept. 27).
Meanwhile, in San Diego, gas prices declined 0.9 cents since last week to the current average of $1.651, and in Las Vegas, prices slipped 0.5 cents lower to the current average of $1.476 a gallon.
In Phoenix/Mesa, Ariz., gas prices declined 0.8 cents a gallon since a week ago to an average of $1.410.
In Texas, there were marginal increases in certain markets and marginal declines in others. In Houston, for example, gas prices climbed 0.3 cents a gallon higher during the past week to an average of $1.337 a gallon, while in Fort Worth, they declined 0.2 cents to an average of $1.338 a gallon.
In Dallas, gas prices increased 0.1 cents during the past week to an average of $1.345 a gallon.
However, “the growing threat of military action against Iraq by the United States, Great Britain and other nations could mean that motorists may soon see prices rise at the pumps,” said AAA Texas spokeswoman Rose Rougeau.
“Crude oil prices and wholesale prices have increased in the past week due to anticipated Middle East volatility,” added Carol Tharp, spokeswoman for the AAA of Southern California. “Unless tensions ease, motorists could expect to see retail gasoline prices increase.”