It appears there will be a trend toward RV minivacations as a result of record-high gasoline prices, according to a recent Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) survey.
About one-third of the survey respondents said they would take RV vacations of shorter duration than in the past and one-quarter said they would stay closer to home.
However, a majority of the RV owners surveyed by the RVIA in mid-March said they would take more RV trips this year than last year, the association reported in the current edition of its newsletter, RVIA Today.
Although fuel prices are high, historically low interest rates are keeping RV purchases affordable. One dealer interviewed by the RVIA, Jack Anderson, owner of Escalon RV in Escalon, Calif., said low interest rates are allowing people 25 to 35 years of age to by RVs. Escalon said “toy haulers,” the travel trailers and fifth-wheels designed to haul motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes and other outdoor sports equipment, are particularly popular with younger buyers.
And the operating costs of an RV vacation continue to be reasonable despite high gas prices.
“I haven’t had one person comment on gas being a consideration.,” said Stan Holway, sales manager at Brawley’s RV in Modesto, Calif. “Buyers seem to have concluded that the RV is a good value for the entertainment dollar.”
The RVIA got basically the same responses to earlier surveys about the impact of high gas prices on the RV market.
The cost of all other travel options goes up proportionately when fuel prices increase, the association reports.