GCT’s CR-1 Carbon rear lounge

GCT’s CR-1 Carbon rear lounge

Carbon fiber is becoming more and more prevalent on production vehicles – look no further than the BMW i3 – but a new company headquartered in Speedway, Ind., is taking the ultra-light material to the next level.

As reported by Autoblog, soon consumers will be able to order a 35-foot-long, tow-behind RV made from a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis and body. The company behind it is called Global Caravan Technologies, and it recently revealed the production-ready prototype of its CR-1 trailer.

GCT was founded in the summer of 2013, and design of the CR-1 began in September. The company worked with IndyCar Series racecar builder Dallara to develop the technology capable of building such massive pieces of carbon fiber for the monocoque. It’s still keeping the exact production process a secret. Company CEO Charles Hoefer tells Autoblog, “There are lots of patents involved and underway.” The production model will be shown in the fall, and sales will begin in the first quarter of 2015.

“We are forging a niche that hasn’t existed before,” said Hoefer about GCT. He predicts the production CR-1 will have a base weight of about 6,000 pounds, which the company claims is about half as much as a traditional RV of this size. For drivers, it means estimated fuel economy that’s 100 percent to 150 percent better than competitors. The body and monocoque are completely bonded with no screws or fasteners, which also makes the CR-1 one of the stiffest trailers available.

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