GE Capital, Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF) today (June 14) announced significant upgrades to its online inventory finance management tool used by dealers across a wide range of industries, including recreational vehicle, marine, motorsports, technology, and lawn and garden.

In addition, in most of these industries dealers will now have access to CDF’s industry-leading data analysis, Analytics Online, according to a news release.

Known as COMS (Customer Online Management System), CDF’s upgraded online tool is being rolled out to more than 45,000 users at dealers across the U.S., Canada and Asia. CDF said that users will process transactions more simply and access detailed metrics and real-time reports to make more informed decisions. Visit CDF’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/GECDF to watch a video about COMS.

“Our dealer community will benefit from these upgrades by getting information they need to run their businesses more quickly and easily,” said Anuj Gaur, CDF’s chief information officer. “We’ve provided a robust tool that’s simple to use, allowing them to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with their customers.”

With Analytics Online, a user can view outstandings and wholesale finance volume over a rolling 12-month period, across multiple manufacturers and distributors, and across selling seasons. CDF said that with these insights, the user can gain a better understanding of product demand based on previous seasons and order their optimal level of inventory.