GE Capital Solutions, Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF) announced that it is launching a new program with Spader Business Management to help U.S. recreational vehicle dealers improve their performance.
CDF will offer its customers tuition credits that will pay 50% or more of the costs on select Spader products designed to increase profitabIlity.
“RV dealers are very challenged right now. Many are looking for tools to improve overall performance,” said Pete Lannon, managing director, CDF Recreational Vehicles. “Spader Business Management is the leader in the RV industry for dealership education and training. Providing cost-sharing assistance to our dealers that are willing to invest their time to learn to be more successful in this difficult economy is a win-win situation.”
“Our company grew out of an RV dealership that’s been in business since 1964. We’ve helped hundreds of dealerships through tough times over the past 30 years,” said John Spader, President of Spader Business Management. “We’re excited about the opportunity to provide GE customers proven tools to adjust their businesses and create an in-depth plan from profitability to cash flow that will help them survive today and position them for greater success in years to come.”