Moorpark, Calif., police are warning campers to be on the lookout for scammers who offer to put a new “gel coat” on trailers and other recreational vehicles made of fiberglass, according to the Ventura County Star.

The scammers will typically look for a vehicle where the gel coat is aged and faded, police said.

They will offer unsuspecting owners a new gel coat, saying the vehicle will look “like new” again.

The cost ranges from $50 for a front grill to $1,000 for an entire motorhome, police said.

Once the job is finished, the scammers will tell their customers not to touch the newly applied material for 15 hours, saying the chemical resin could burn fingers or stick like glue.

Some scammers have also brought along a child, asking the owners to look after the child, thereby distracting them while they apply automotive or machinery grease to the vehicle.

Unsuspecting owners have discovered later that they paid up to $1,000 for someone to wipe grease all over their camper or other vehicle.

If left on the vehicle, the grease will collect dirt or become milky if the surface gets wet.

Police said the scammers have targeted Rincon Beach and other areas.

The public should ask for a valid vendor’s license, one that can be verified, before hiring anyone to do such a service, police said.