Generac Power Systems Inc., a manufacturer of electric power generators with RV applications, will hire 450 new employees as it doubles the size of its factory and offices in Whitewater, Wis., according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
The hiring of the 450 full-time workers is expected to be completed by March 1, according to the company.
Generac, a closely held company, will use the new employees to produce more residential and industrial generators.
Wages for assembly workers will start at $9 an hour but Generac also needs to hire skilled trades people including machine operators, metal fabricators, welders and maintenance workers.
Generac’s expansion is “one of the biggest hiring events in the state since 2000,” according to James Buchner, vice president of government affairs for Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, who was quoted by the Journal Sentinel.
“In general, manufacturers are optimistic that things are turning around,” Buchner said.
Meanwhile, Generac spokesman Michael Carr told the newspaper, “As the tax cut started to have some effect, and business in general started to improve, companies were freeing up capital spending budgets.
“It’s still a big question as to whether this is a signal of a turnaround in the overall economy,” Carr added. “But it (Generac’s) expansion is indicative of some companies having rising fortunes.”