Genesis_logo_finalGenesis Products Inc. announced its exclusive partnership with Greenlam Laminates, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of decorative laminates. Already an established leader in the Asian and European markets, Greenlam is now available for the U.S. recreational vehicle market, exclusively through Genesis Products.

According to a press release, Greenlam products are made using specially selected decorative papers and finished with the latest in bonding technology to offer increased dimensional stability. Greenlam’s extensive collection of HPL, veneer and compact laminates comes in an array of colors, textures and patterns. Headquartered in India, the company has operations in over 120 counties, with U.S operations in Pennsylvania and Florida.

“Genesis is proud to introduce Greenlam to the U.S. and Canadian RV markets, especially as the industry prepares for the 2016 model change ” said Jon Wenger, president & CEO of Genesis Products. “This partnership unites Greenlam’s impressive selection of high-quality laminates with our capabilities in design, production and service.”

Victor Sharma, chief operations officer for Greenlam America Inc., noted, “We are very happy to collaborate with Genesis Products. An overwhelming response from the Asian and European markets encouraged us towards expanding our presence in North America. Genesis Products is an established company in the RV industry with design expertise, product knowledge, excellent service and much more.”

Companies interested in learning more and previewing Greenlam’s 2015 offering can contact Genesis Products Designer Hilary Pairitz at (574) 304-3334 or at [email protected]