Genesis_logo_finalGenesis Products, an Elkhart, Ind.-based supplier of laminated panels and interior components, continues to build and refine its product portfolio with the acquisition of Welformed Materials.

Welformed, established in Elkhart in 2014 by Chris Welch and two co-founders, utilizes a proprietary forming and molding process to transform raw materials into premium grade composite products. Genesis President and CEO Jon Wenger told RVBUSINESS.com that Welformed offers the company “two key value propositions” for its growing roster of RV manufacturing partners.

“What they bring to the table is providing a non-wood panel alternative that is lightweight, durable and waterproof while also opening up a new niche business for customized molded products at an affordable cost,” said Wenger, noting that Welformed will operate as a division of Genesis Products and remain at its current facility. “The molding process, which is prevalent in the automotive industry, is typically too expensive for application in lower volume segments like RV. Welformed’s technology will allow us to supply a variety of new products, particularly to motorhome builders, such as wheel well liners or ceiling liners.”

Wenger added that Wellformed’s capabilities also “provide more product options to take into other sectors, like the bus, marine and the specialty automotive markets.”

The acquisition represents the latest move by Genesis Products to strategically grow its presence in the RV marketplace. In May of 2014, the company announced a partnership with German manufacturer Vöhringer, a leading supplier to the European market with over 90 years of experience in panel processing, components and manufacturing. Then in March, Genesis formed an exclusive partnership with Greenlam Laminates, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of decorative high-pressure laminates.

“Greenlam offers our customers high quality design at a strong price point,” Wenger noted. “Their products produce a trendy, cutting-edge look, which is becoming more prominent in RV interiors.”

Wenger stressed that the additional product lines meet the company’s long-term goal of “bringing new. innovative ideas to our customers.”

“Our goal has always been to position Genesis as a company that can provide solutions for OEMs,” he said. “We collaborate very closely with design teams to create attractive, functional interiors that are not cost prohibitive. Genesis is a design resource for our customers, and adding a broader range of products provides more options, and ultimately drives value to the end customers.”

For more information visit www.genesisproductsinc.com and www.welformed.com.