After a brief hiatus, RV blogger Greg Gerber is back on the Internet.

An outspoken and provocative commentator in the vein of some other current Internet bloggers in other business sectors, Gerber launched his latest venture into electronic publishing this week at www.rvenews.com <http://www.rvenews.com> .
Gerber was formerly employed at Cygnus’s RV Trade Digest and Milo’s all-Internet RV Industry News, the latter of which he exited in March when it discontinued its online edition amid legal issues.
In a post this week titled “Get ready to rumble!” Gerber announced his return, saying that he spent the interim talking with potential investors, including an unexpected opportunity to meet a group of RV enthusiasts living in Arizona. “After reading my last blog at RV Industry News,” he wrote, “one of them called to offer their help to get us back in business.”
“The website you see today is a work in progress,” he continued. “We’ll be making tweaks to it throughout the month as we try out or add different features. My goals in developing rvEnews are to carry on the momentum and reputation we had established with RV Industry News”, he stated.

“Some would suggest we are extremely foolish starting a new business in this environment, especially in this industry,” he added. “But, as bad as it is now, it will get better. Like a surfer paddling in the ocean, I’m mindful of the sharks, but looking out for that next wave that will give me the ride of my life.”