Gov. Jennifer Granholm

Gov. Jennifer Granholm

Michigan Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm — returning from a 48-hour investment mission to Germany and Belgium — says fortu PowerCell GmbH will soon begin a search for a battery pack manufacturing site in west Michigan pending approval of state and local incentives, according to the Manufacturing & Technology eJournal.

The company has identified several potential market areas, including vehicle, battery back-up systems for cell phone transmitters, power-generation plants and niche recreational vehicles.

Granholm met with fortu company leaders, along with other business executives who are looking to expand their presence in the United States or are seeking international investment opportunities, according to a news release.

“There is no better place in North America than Michigan for an international battery-cell company to expand its global reach,” Granholm said. “We look forward to partnering with fortu as part of our strategic plan to become the advanced battery capital of the world and diversify Michigan’s economy.”

fortu was founded in 1997 to concentrate on battery technology characterized by its high energy per unit of weight, long operational life, and avoidance of environmental concerns relative to its manufacture and disposal. 

It was unclear how big of an investment the project would be or how many jobs would be coming to Michigan.

While in Belgium, Granholm also met with Hansen Transmissions, the world’s second-largest producer of wind energy gearboxes, to pitch Michigan as a possible location for the company’s service and repair facility.