A few years ago, the idea of powering a large, heavy Class C motorhome with only a battery would have seemed out of the question. 

According to a New Atlas report, in some ways it still seems impractical, but battery technology is evolving and electric vehicle ranges improving.

A few all-electric camper vans have already launched, and now Germany’s WOF GmbH is taking electric travel bigger with a larger electric motorhome. With an advertised 186 miles of range, the Iridium motorhome is more capable of traveling the country than you might expect of such a large EV, offering an intriguing zero-emissions alternative for holiday travelers.

Wohnmobile Outlet Factory (WOF) announced the debut of the Iridium electric motorhome late last year, and it was one of the top vehicles we were on the lookout for at the recent CMT show in Stuttgart.  

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