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Dealers continued ordering new towable RV units at a robust rate through the end of February, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).

Towable shipments increased 7.3% in February to 20,500 units, and during the first two months of this year, towable deliveries were up 13.8% to 41,200 units.

The only exception was fold

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ing campers, which declined 12.0% in February to 4,400 units. Folding campers also were down 7.6% after the first two months of this year to 8,500 units.

Meanwhile, motorhome shipments declined 1.8% in February to 5,500 units, because deliveries of Class A’s declined 5.1% during the month to 3,700 units.

However, after the first two months of this year, total motorhome shipments were up 7.4% to 11,600 units and Class A deliveries were up 5.1% to 8,200 units.