Montclair, Calif.-based Giant RV is expanding its purchasing and procurement department by announcing the hiring of Tim Ralph as its corporate buyer.

According to a press release, Giant RV and Ralph have developed an RV buying program that enables the dealer to purchase RVs from other dealers across the nation. Due to a dramatic increase in sales, the company is searching for RV trades from other dealers or wholesalers that may have typically been wholesaled or sent to auction since the unit may not fit the dealers’ typical sales profile.

“Presently, Giant RV is in the market to purchase clean motorized and towable 2005 and newer RVs,” said Ralph. “Giant RV is uniquely equipped to handle the purchase transaction in a professional and timely manner.”

Ralph noted that once the agreement has been made to purchase the RV, it is paid for with verified funds and picked up at the dealers’ location anywhere in the U.S. by a Giant RV driver.

Consumers and cealers may contact Ralph directly at (619) 972- 7509 or e-mail at [email protected]