It may be called “Glampervan,” but this San Francisco company doesn’t build the most luxurious camper van out there.

As reported by New Atlas, the company’s Promaster MUV (multi-use vehicle) is all about getting the most fun out of both the ride and the destination. And what it lacks in full-blown glamping amenities it makes up for in smart, compact multipurpose design.

Switch gears between weekends out on the open road, weekdays of intermittently punching the accelerator and the laptop keys, and chore days hauling big cargo. No matter which type of day it is, wind it down by enjoying the views from your own rooftop deck.

The Promaster MUV appears to be heavily influenced by the digital nomad lifestyle, helping owners untether from the 9-to-5 grind to take to the road for both work and play. Its layout promotes 1-on-1 power meetings as much as quiet, starry nights, miles away from the worries and headaches of worker bee life.

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