Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) members now have access to reliable and price-competitive propane suppliers with RVDA’s recent endorsement of Global Gas. According to a press release, RVDA-endorsed products and services help dealers manage their businesses better by providing access to reliable products and services at significant discounts.

Global Gas’s Global Independent Network (GIN) distributors will provide customized solutions to meet the needs of RVDA members, the release stated. Distributors offer reliable service to ensure dealers do not run out of fuel, while also maintaining full compliance and safety in the process.

The indexed pricing model, or wholesale price model, used by Global Gas is now offered at the retail level to ensure the most competitive price available. A propane market hub price plus a differential is used to provide complete transparency and variability. The GIN distributor will also install the necessary equipment, if applicable, to ensure a hassle-free and compliant transition.

“The Global Independent Network is made up of a group of top notch propane suppliers that work extremely hard to bring the benefits of our group to our affinity partners,” said D.D. Alexander, owner and president of Global Gas who has 38 years of experience and knowledge in the propane industry. “We look forward to a very long, prosperous partnership with the RVDA members.”