GM's Colorado and Canyon mid-size pickup

GM’s Colorado and Canyon mid-sized pickup

If you looked at a graph of midsized truck sales over the last, say, 30 years or so, you’d notice a big meaty peak of 1.4 million in 1986 followed by a steady, pitiful decline every year thereafter.

According to an AutoWeek report, by 2013 the chart shows only 250,000 for the entire segment which, when compared to the massive, meaty, multi-million-truck full-sized segment qualifies as about a pimple on the keister of the whole truck market. Only the decade-old Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier (yes, they’re still making those) sell in any numbers that register on a sales chart in the mid-size truck segment any more.

But where others see despair, General Motors sees opportunity. Into this darkness and gnashing of teeth GM drives with two fresh entries: The 2015 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon.

These midsized haulers are smaller and more maneuverable than their full-sized and heavy-duty big brothers, and Chevy/GMC thinks customers will like that. You can fit these into a garage or a parking space without destroying your mailbox on the way in and they’ll still do much of the stuff you can get done with a full-sized truck, while getting pretty decent gas mileage the whole time.

Both Colorado and Canyon are based on the Global mid-size truck platform currently on sale in Thailand and other markets. But this is not simply a reslathering of Chevy and GMC signage on that truck, though that truck is a fine place to start. The Global midsized truck has fully boxed frame rails, for one, which is a solid foundation on which to build. There is extensive sharing of sheet metal, too.

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