Truck accessories manufacturer Go Industries is building a 7,500 square foot factory near its Richardson, Tex., headquarters to expand output in an effort to satisfy consumer demand.
The new facility is scheduled for completion June 1 and production will begin shortly thereafter.
Initially, Go Industries will produce its Headache Racks at the new facility in Richardson. Other truck accessories will be added later.
“We feel as if we’ve built a better mouse trap and the world has beaten a path to our distributors’ doors,” said Larry Johnson, sales manager. “When we developed the Big Tex Grille Guard and our improved design Headache Rack, our distributors asked us to step up production.
“We’re striving to meet their needs and the needs of the truck-owning public,” Johnson added.
Go Industries manufacturers and distributes more than 2,000 accessories for Chevy/GMC, Dodge and Ford trucks, vans and SUVs, and for import trucks.
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