Go Power!, a provider of solar-based mobile power solutions for RV, marine, work truck and over-the-road fleet vehicles, announced that its new Solar Flex panels will be used by Cummins Crosspoint to demonstrate new solar applications at the 2014 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky.

According to a press release, a Solar Flex-powered system will be on display at the Crosspoint Solutions ClimaCab booth and is being used to show how solar power alone can keep dedicated batteries in their battery-powered cab-comfort systems fully charged and ready to start equipment.

The thin, flexible, high-efficiency Solar Flex GP-FLEX series panels were originally developed for the RV industry, where AC power loads and HVAC climate control demands are similar to those of a small cottage. The Solar Flex panels were designed to contour to the roof of an RV and to allow the vehicle to operate completely autonomously for weeks at a time, with no need to connect to Shorepower or any other supplemental power resource.

“By focusing on fully solar-powering RVs, we tackled and solved the hardest problem first,” said Sean O’Connor, sales channel manager for Go Power! North America. “I can’t imagine a sleeper cab with a power demand that would even approach what our Solar Flex technology has been able to deliver to full-time RVers.”

The Solar Flex system has the ability to produce about 100 watts-per-foot of trailer length. A 53-foot trailer has the roof area to hold approximately fifty 100-watt Solar Flex panels and to generate about 5,000 watts, or about 280 amps, of DC power per hour.

When combined with a Go Power! inverter, a system can produce up to 3,000 watts of AC power per hour. Unlike traditional carbon-based power plants, the Go Power! solar solution regenerates batteries while taking idling, emissions, noise and fuel costs out of the equation.