Go RV Rentals has published its new “Ultimate Guide to Renting an RV.” The updated guide contains information geared to help newcomers to the RV lifestyle navigate the process. 

The guide examines the cost to rent an RV and common rental policies, like deposits and cancellation refunds. Furthermore, the guide helps people choose the right type of RV and which amenities to seek, the best times to rent an RV, and more.

“For newbies, the thought of renting an RV can be overwhelming,” said Go RV Rentals founder and Online Marketing Director David Kosofsky. “Determining a fair price for a motorhome or camper rental is top of mind for most people. However, the necessity to have electrical power amperage compatible between the RV and the campground electrical outlet is something many are unaware of. We explain all of this and more in our guide so families can have a fun and safe road trip.”

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