The shooting of the first photos for the print ads for Phase III of the Go RVing national advertising campaign will begin next week and TV ad production will begin in about three weeks, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).
All of the work completed in the coming weeks will be reviewed by the Go RVing Creative Subcommittee during October, added RVIA executives Gary LaBella and Chris Morrison.
The Go RVing Coalition’s new ad agency, The Richards Group of Dallas, has been instructed to produce ads with “more emotion, greater sense of urgency” and providing a “more dealer-directed call to action,” according to a memo written by LaBella, the RVIA’s vice president of public relations and advertising, and Morrison, director of public relations.
The ads also will “convey the fellowship enjoyed by RVers in campground settings” instead showing “single RVs in remote settings,” as is the case in much RV advertising.
A print ad featuring RVs used for tailgating also will be produced, LaBella and Morrison added.
For the print ads, Richards hired photographer Bob Mizono, whose clients have included Saturn, Nextel, McDonalds, Cisco and Bank of America.
Mizono will begin shooting Tuesday (Sept. 3) at coastal and mountain locations in Washington state. He expects to finish on Sept. 19.
The TV ads will be directed by Iain Mackenzie, whose clients have included Subaru, Quantas Airlines, Volkswagen, Compaq and McDonalds. The TV ad shooting will take place Sept. 22 through Oct. 9 in Pacific Northwest and Desert Southwest locations.
Subcommittee members have been invited to Richards’ offices in Dallas to review the print ads on Oct. 14 and the TV ads on Oct. 23.
Phase III of the ad campaign will be unveiled for a final review by the industry during the Outlook Breakfast during the RVIA’s National Trade Show in Louisville on Dec. 3.