The Go RVing Coalition will spend less on advertising the remainder of this year and next year because of the soft market for new RVs.

The coalition will spend about $500,000 less this fall than was originally planned, according to Gary LaBella, vice president of public relations and advertising for the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), and a member of the coalition.

Originally, the coalition, which includes representatives of RV manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and campground operators, planned to spend $11.5 million this year on advertising.

The coalition’s ad campaign is financed, primarily, by a $44 fee changed for the RVIA seals that member manufacturers attach to their units. Because RV production was down about 22% during the first four months of this year, when compared with the first four months of 2000, less money will be spent on print, broadcast and cable TV advertising this fall to avoid depleting the coalition’s cash reserve, LaBella said.

Because the RVIA conservatively estimates it will sell around 215,000 seals next year, the coalition now is planning on spending $9 million for advertising during 2002, LaBella added.

The sale of 215,000 seals would yield almost $9.5 million in revenue for the coalition’s ad campaign.