Go RVing’s advertising on the National Geographic Channel began in mid-April on such popular shows as National Geographic Presents and What Happened?  The award-winning ad campaign will kick into high gear at the official start of summer with its sponsorship of the channel’s Memorial Day Marathon, according to a news release. 

In July, Go RVing leads up to its sponsorship of America‘s Wild Spaces with a 15-second, custom-created RV vignette that will air 15 times the week prior to the debut of the show.  In addition to the industry coalition’s popular 30-second spots, Go RVing exposure during National Geographic programming will also include sponsor billboards and Go RVing tagged “tune in” messages that will run on-screen during airings of both America‘s Wild Spaces and the Memorial Day Marathon.

Also over the summer, Go RVing spots will air during a chapter of the popular Preserve Our Planet series, Great White Odyssey, as well as on Man-MadeNational Geographic PresentsThe Dog Whisperer and/or DogTown, and National Geographic’s Most series.

In  addition to these programs, GRV ads will be air on the channel during various daytime and weekend programming.