While focusing on driving minority prospects into RV dealerships, the new Go RVing print and TV ad campaign that will kick off in February – perhaps during the Winter Olympics – will feature a new theme: “What Will You Discover.”
The new slogan will replace “Pursue Your Passions” in all Go RVing advertising as the market expansion campaign enters its fourth three-year phase.
Gary LaBella, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) vice president of public relations and advertising, and representatives of The Richards Group, Dallas, Go RVing’s agency, outlined the first year of Phase IV’s advertising plan and dealer participation program during RVIA Committee Week June 6-9 at the Willard InterContinental Hotel in Washington, D.C.
“We are definitely going to pay more attention than ever before to minority markets in the next phase,” LaBella said. “I don’t know exactly how many minority faces will pop up in our various commercials and our websites and our videos, but we are definitely thinking about that in a big way.”
There also will be greater emphasis on Internet advertising and the Go RVing website (www.gorving.com) is scheduled for an upgrade.
Four new television and eight print ads – up from five in Phase III – will be previewed Nov. 29 for industry members at the Outlook Breakfast during the 43rd Annual National RV Trade show in Louisville, Ky.
Nationwide radio advertising has been dropped after it was determined that it wasn’t effective, although Go RVing will continue to support and provide material for local radio ads to be run by dealers.
LaBella said it hasn’t been decided whether a celebrity voice such as Tom Selleck, who provided the voice-over in the “Pursue Your Passions” ads, will be used in the new ads or whether a popular song will be featured instead.
“The TV ads won’t be dramatically different in style than you’ve seen from us,” LaBella said.
Prints ads, on the other hand, will be distinctly different, with thought-provoking Audubon-style line illustrations across the top representing wildlife, sea creatures, adventure, hobbies and locations that are waiting to be discovered in an RV.
The bottom half of the page will contain a single image containing an RV, instead of a montage as was the case in the last campaign. Also, on a page facing each ad there will again be a column of images – photographs this time around – of different types of RVs.
Spending over the next three years on Go RVing will increase by $8 million to $68.8 million – the majority of the extra money paying for anticipated higher advertising costs.
To finance the new budget the RVIA board and the board of the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) approved an increase in the new unit assessment of its manufacturing members – more commonly referred to as the RVIA seal – that will go into effect in October.