The 2004 Go RVing Canada Market Expansion Program (MEP), which has mirrored the success and impact experienced in the United States, is in full swing, powered by a budget that is more than double last year’s.
According to Go RVing Canada, the second edition of the “Pursue Your Passions” campaign is operating with about a $1.63 million television and Internet budget, compared to $753,500 last year. The boost came from an increase in the MEP fee to $75 per unit.
“The Go RVing Canada campaign has been very successful,” noted Don Mockford, executive director of the program. “Our program is seeing similar results to the United States, and the industry is very supportive of the campaign.”
The extra funding will allow Go RVing to extend the television schedule from 13 weeks to 32 weeks while also increasing the frequency of the ads. English ads have been on the air since the beginning of the year while French ads kicked off March 8. Some of the cable channels carrying the English ads include Sportsnet, The Comedy Network, Outdoor Life, the Weather Channel and HGTV.
Web advertising also has been extended, in part to help support a highly successful online contest that is entering its fourth year. Go Rving Canada is projecting that over 44 million impressions will be generated by the new campaign.
Mockford said Go RVing Canada operates as a separate entity from its United States counterpart, but does “piggyback on the materials” produced by The Richards Group, a Dallas-based agency that created the “Pursue Your Passions” program.
“We have an agency that slightly adapts the materials for the Canadian market, and especially for the French (Canadian) market,” Mockford said